How to create a Google AdSense display ad
How to create a Google AdSense display ad
5 minutes to complete
After you have finished the application process for your Google AdSense account, you are ready to start creating some ads to make money on your website. When someone comes to your site, there are two ways that they can make you money depending on the type of ad. The two ways are per impression and per click. Per impression means that any time a user is exposed to the ad on the page, you make money. Per click means that a user has to actually click the ad for you to make money. Even though per impression sounds better, per click usually generates more money. That’s because on average you need hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions before you match what you make with just one click. Now that we know how we can make money with Google AdSense, let’s start creating the ad.
What you’ll learn: - How to make money on Google AdSense - How to create a Google AdSense display ad - How to get your Google AdSense Data Ad Slot ID - How to display your Google AdSense ad on your Ninth Digital Website - How to display your Google AdSense display ad on your own website
Step 1: Getting set up First, we are going to head to the AdSense homepage. You can get there by clicking here. Sign in if you need to. Click the menu, located in the top-left corner, find ‘Ads’, and click ‘Overview. We are looking at the the Ads page right now. There should be a few tabs towards the top with the options of ‘By site’, ‘By ad unit’, and ‘Global settings’. We are going to click on ‘By ad unit’, and we are ready to start creating. Step 2: Creating the ad The main sections of this ‘By ad unit’ page are ‘Create new ad unit’ and ‘Existing ad units’. Of course, we are going to be looking at ‘Create new ad unit’ at the moment. There are a couple of different ad units to choose from. You can create any ad you’d like, but for this tutorial we are going to stick with ‘Display ads’.
Display ads are great to put on any part of a website because they are responsive, meaning they will fit anywhere. Once on the display ad page, we just have to name the ad, make sure that the ‘Ad size’ is set to ‘Responsive’, and the display ad preview is whichever size fits best for the spot on your website where you plan on displaying the ad. Click ‘Create’ when you are happy with your ad. Next, we see our code, and are ready to get the ad on our website. Step 3: Setting up a Google AdSense ad on your Ninth Digital Website Ninth Digital makes it seamless to get your ad displayed on your site. You just need one piece of this entire code. You’re looking at a code that looks like this:
<script async src=""></script> <!-- Display unit --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" data-ad-slot="YYYYYYYYYY" data-ad-format="auto" data-full-width-responsive="true"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script>
You will see a familiar number, your Data Ad Client ID. Underneath this, you’ll see another ID, your 10-digit Data Ad Slot ID, marked by the ‘YYYYYYYYYY’ in the above code. All you’ve got to do is copy the Data Ad Slot ID. On your Ninth Digital Website, go to the ‘Create an Effort’ page. Here, we just need to make sure that the ‘Type’ of Effort is ‘Google’. On the ‘Google’ tab the only thing you need to enter is your Data Ad Slot ID. Perfect! Now, you can add the Effort to a post, your sidebar, homepage, wherever, and your Google ad will be displayed. Step 3.5: Setting up a Google AdSense ad on your own website The basics of getting the Google AdSense ad set up on your site involve just copying the code and pasting the code where you’d like it to show on your site. You have to paste this code in each place you’d like the ad to display. You should make sure to be posting the code inside the <body> tags. Final thoughts Click ‘Done’ when you’ve got your ad all ready to go. For Ninth Digital users, once you have created a display ad, you can take your Data Ad Slot from the code, and paste it into your new Effort. On your own site, once you create the display ad, you paste the code in each place that you want an ad to display. According to Google it usually takes a few minutes for ads to appear on the page but occasionally it can take up to an hour. When you have finished everything, check back to your site in a little bit and make sure it’s all working and ready to go!
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