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Ninth Digital helps create and design websites for busy people. We are going to provide an out of the box website for your blog or business. You add the content and customize the design! Ninth Digital takes care of all the backend features, so you don't have to worry about hosting, maintenance, or server storage. It's finally time to start that website!
Get Started with Ninth Digital
Websites created by Ninth Digital, some custom made.
Entirely Optimized for Today's Web
Your Website is optimized for all of the modern web elements including SEO, SEM, social media sharing, mobile and responisve design, accessibility, speed, and more.
Limitless, Powerful, and Fast
Your site will load quickly no matter how much content you create, how many images you have stored, or what type of design your site displays.
Your Website, Your Design
Over a million different combinations of designs with over 25,000 color combinations alone. Tired of your design? You can update it whenever you want.
Benefits on the House
Use your own custom domain, get content storage, an SSL certificate, server maintenence, updates, and cloud web hosting on us.
Work from Home... or Anywhere!
The best part about running your own website is that you get to work from home, a coffee shop, the mall, even a forest. If you've got internet and a computer or smartphone, you can access your site.
Let's get started!
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Create a Website with Ninth Digital
You need a website.
A website for your blog, or business, or photography, or art.
But, there’s one problem.
You don’t know the first thing about starting a website and you really don’t have the time to learn.
Oh, well, back to Netflix, right?
Definitely not.
With Ninth Digital, there is no excuse to not start a website.
What do we want to achieve with Ninth Digital?
You don’t want to have to know how to code, or how to maintain a server.
You just want your website to be up and running, so that you can start filling it with your ideas!
Ninth Digital wants to deliver a fully completed, customizable website to busy people who want to work on their blog or business without having to mess around with the behind the scenes of their website.
With Ninth Digital you can create a website without knowing how to code.
And you can create your website in minutes.
What is Ninth Digital going to do for you?
We will take care of hosting your website, maintaining your server, making sure it's secure with SSL, and providing an “out of the box” website for your blog or business.
“Out of the box” means that your website will be ready to go without having to put anything together. Perfect for people who just want to get started.
You can create pages or publish blog posts, and people will be ready to enjoy your content!
But, “out of the box” doesn’t have to mean that you can’t change the design of your website. You will be able to customize things like the font, background, colors, borders, shadows, buttons, layouts, and a whole lot extra.
With Ninth Digital, there are millions of combinations of designs to create. There are over 25,000 combinations of colors alone!
Once you’ve got your site up and running, you can always continue to upgrade it with Addons. Addons allow you to add things to your website as you need them. Addons can provide your website with features like an email list, even faster website, or an SSL Certificate for added security and privacy.
We are always looking to release new Addons and features for your website.
Speaking of new features, Ninth Digital gets updated, both consistently and constantly. These updates will always be free for any Ninth Digital users.
Get started!
Create a Website with Ninth Digital
What can you create using Ninth Digital?
Creating content is the core of any website, no matter what it’s for. As most website owners say - “Content is king.”
Have a business? Probably need an “About” page.
Running a blog? Of course, you’ll need to have some posts.
Want to make money through your website? It’s time to create some sort of call to action, right?
You can do all of this on Ninth Digital… and more!
Let’s start with a Page.
Pages allow you to display important content to your users. These have a little less functionality than Posts, and they have a few other differences.
Pages can appear in the header, the footer, and in the menu. They can contain content, images, and have different styles.
Pages are usually what people use as “About Me”, “Privacy Policy”, “Contact Us”, etc…
Ninth Digital comes with a “Contact” page that you can use to receive messages from your visitors. Contact pages are important tools for keeping in touch with the people who visit your site.
Pages probably won’t change much over time since you really only have to make an “About” page once.
If you’re looking to really create some content, we’ll have to use a Post.
Posts are the main chunk of content creation. They have a lot of functionality, as well as the flexibility to make them your own.
Posts can be as simple as just an image, or make it larger by including tons of text content. You can change each post’s layout individually, or use a default throughout your entire website.
All posts created with Ninth Digital are SEO optimized and share friendly. Your post will look good no matter where it’s seen!
Visitors can find a list of all of the posts on the “Blog” page, which will automatically show for once a post is created!
You can see your own list of posts on your dashboard. There you can make changes or remove the post.
And there are ways to make posts even better with...
Sections and categories
Sections and categories belong to posts to provide extra functionality.
Categories can sort your posts, so that visitors can find more like the one they just read.
Sections can provide your posts with extra content, share buttons, images, quotes, and more.
Sections can even include Efforts.
Speaking of Efforts, what is it?
An Effort is otherwise known as a “Call to Action.” This is usually something that you want your visitors to click on.
Your Ninth Digital website can have as many different Efforts as you want and they can be placed in many different spots across the site.
You can create your own custom Effort to link your visitors anywhere you’d like. These can link to other pages on your website, or to your social media, or even to an affiliate.
Efforts can also be linked to Amazon Associates products or Google AdSense to allow you to monetize your site.
Let’s learn some more about monetization.
One of the biggest reasons that people create websites is to make money from them.
There are many different ways to go about making money from a website, but we’ll show you a small example.
You create an Effort through your Ninth Digital website that links to a product from Amazon using your Amazon Associates ID. Someone finds your website through Google Search and reads one of your posts. They see your Effort on the sidebar of your website and click it. This takes them to the product’s Amazon page where they purchase the product. Now, because they purchased the product through your website, you receive a commission on that product! Cha-ching!
If all that sounds a little confusing, it’s okay because we have tutorials to teach you how to set this up if you don’t know how. Don’t worry, it’s extremely easy.
The main point is that you made some money from your website!
The more visitors that come to your website the more chances you have to make money, thus the more money you can make!
There are hundreds of guides on the internet for getting traffic to your website, including on our own blog, and Ninth Digital’s SEO settings help you rank higher in the search engines, which means more potential visitors.
If making money from your website is your goal, Ninth Digital is going to help you achieve that!
And now for the fun part… customization!
I want to get started!
Create a Website with Ninth Digital
What can you design with Ninth Digital?
Not every website should look the same, and neither should yours.
Your website should have “you” written all over it. You get to create the content, so why not get to create the design?
Here’s what you can customize with Ninth Digital:
Your homepage, posts, pages, efforts, etc. all have many different layouts to choose from.
You can choose a default layout that will be used throughout the entire site, or choose each layout individually.
Ninth Digital is always updating with new layouts and you can always change your layout whenever you want!
A layout is the big picture, but what about the details of the design...
Under the design tab, you’ll be able to tweak different details of the design from the borders, to the shadows, to the colors, to the button styles.
There are millions of combinations to create and over 25,000 color combinations alone. You can make your website unique.
Again, we are always updating the design options to add more and more customization.
Let's get started!
Ninth Digital's Technologies
Ninth Digital: Behind the scenes, SSL, using custom domains, maintaining servers, and SEO
We don’t want to bore you too much with the technical stuff, but we do think it’s important. We’ll keep it short.
The main Ninth Digital application engine runs all Ninth Digital sites, but is hosted on each individual application. That means someone else using their site won’t slow your site down.
Use a Custom Domain Name
Ninth Digital allows you to use a domain name that you already own. We will show you how to hook up your custom domain quickly and easily.
Website Hosting
Ninth Digital serves, runs, scales, operates, and hosts your website entirely in the cloud. Our configuration allows us to show your website to your visitors rapidly.
Upload Storage
Finally, we use Amazon Simple Storage Service, aka Amazon S3, to store any files you may upload. Amazon S3 is very large scale, which means they can serve files like images and video very quickly.
Can you tell that Ninth Digital wants to keep your site as speedy as possible? Chop-chop!
Search Engine Optimization
Ninth Digital will take care of your SEO, or search engine optimization.
SEO is very important for bringing visitors to your site through search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many, many more all use little robots called spiders to look at your website. The spiders look for certain pieces of a website’s page, like the title, content, and description to figure out what the page is about. If the spiders have a hard time figuring your page out because the SEO isn’t set up properly, you may be losing out on higher spots in search engines.
SEO is extremely difficult to perfect because each search engine is different and always changing, but Ninth Digital wants your site to be as high in the search engine rankings as possible, so we make sure to keep up with the ever-changing search engine world to tweak accordingly.
We make sure all of that stuff is nothing to worry about, so that you can create and customize without the headache.
Get started!
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